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Discover if Life Coaching is a Good Fit For You


Life coaching isPartnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potentialas defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)



*Many work with coaches to improve time management, become more organized, or lose weight and improve health practices


*Many clients are in transitions such as empty-nesting, or are moving on after the death of a spouse/loved one, or divorce.  Coaching can help you find a new normal.


*Couples hire coaches to strengthen their relationship and enhance their parenting.  When struggling through the challenges of marriage a coach can assist you to see beyond your circumstances.


*Business professionals hire coaches to strengthen their leadership abilities, improve performance of work teams, implement goals for career advancement, or to develop a plan to change careers.

*Whatever the life issues, all coaching clients hold a deep desire for richer,
more fulfilling, more God-honoring growth in their lives.

Robbins Madaness Trained Coach

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Discover if Life Coaching is a Good Fit For You


I am excited for you to be at the place in your journey that leads you to inquire about Life Coaching! 

The Life Coaching relationship between coach and client is unique and important, so here are a few things you may want to know about me –

       *I love the woods! Give me anything outdoors and I am a happy girl – Camping, Hiking, Snowshoeing, and traveling into the amazing adventures of any National Park. Experiencing every National Park in the United States is on my bucket list!

       *I have two delightful boys who are the absolute joy of my life – and also keep me active as their #1 cheerleader in sporting events of football, basketball, wrestling, track and baseball!  Go Team!

        *Fun fact – I am organized. Some may say to an obsessive fault, I say its a gift! So my closet is color coded by pattern and style…isn’t everyone’s?!?! In all seriousness, I believe this God given gift is a large part of what gives me the insight to be able to balance out the chaos that can sneak into the lives of my clients!

I strive to live my life in such a way of complete honesty and transparency that what you see is what you get. Who I am behind closed doors is who you will meet on the street on any given day. While none of us are perfect, I have found that peace and joy lie in embracing the imperfections of learning along the way to where we are going!

I ask 2 things from my clients – 1) Be honest with me and honest with yourself 2) Be ready and willing to embrace the excitement and rewards of change

 The life you were created to live is waiting – are you ready?!

 I look forward to meeting you soon!


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Discover if Life Coaching is a Good Fit For You

I love being coached by Amy!  She holds me accountable by creating action steps with me that I know need to be accomplished by the next time we talk.  Sometimes just talking to her and hearing myself say things out loud is a huge step in helping me improve on whatever it is I am working on at the time!  My only regret is that my entire family isn’t being coached by her!  

When I first began working with Amy I had a lot of frustration with the direction I was heading professionally.  She knew the right questions, challenged me and helped me see the bigger picture and what was/is possible.  Two years after we first started working together I can happily say that with her help, the sky’s the limit!

“I had my first experience of life coaching with Amy LeClaire of Aligned Life Coaching and it was AMAZING! I have been on a journey of transformation and growth this past year and it’s been a struggle to figure out where to go next or what my next step is from the standpoint of how I want to FEEL. Amy was extremely helpful in asking questions and helping me figure out what I need to do, where I am going, and create some doable action steps. I left feeling inspired, positive, and excited to take the actions necessary. If you have any interest in life coaching or are curious what it’s all about, connect with Amy and see if it’s for you! It was a comfortable, inviting, and warm environment and an overall wonderful experience! We can always grow and improve ourselves every single day. Can’t wait for my next session!  “

In the last 10 years I have seen numerous counselors, attended lots of step meetings, and also admitted myself to two different inpatient treatments.  I felt helpless and alone.  Then I met Amy through Aligned Life Coaching!  Through Amy’s faith and guidance, I am finally following the right path in my recovery and everyday life.  Thanks Amy!”

Life Coaching came at a critical point in my journey. Instead of looking at the ugly things week after week, we addressed those issues then pressed on to the positive goals that are future focused. These sessions allowed me to get to certain truths by moving through the uncomfortable parts and not being spoon fed sympathy. This is where I believe true healing and recovery lies.”

Having Amy coach me helped me work through some fear I had about my new business.  Recognizing what trepidations were holding me back was invaluable to me in going forward in my business.  Not only did I gain new perspective through her coaching, but I also came out of our session with new marketing material.  It was great to be able to explore this with someone who listened and helped me problem solve through direct questioning to get to the root of it.  Amy is extremely encouraging, kind hearted & a patient listener.  She has a unique gift to help you see beyond your circumstances.”

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Discover if Life Coaching is a Good Fit For You

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